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[Download] The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course

The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course


The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course is a course which provides you with the confidence to work with FOREX Market. The course will initiate by the process of opening the trading account and select a suitable broker. Course will be teaching you various tools such as pips and lots. Also, there are many more fields such as Leverage or short selling. One could easily differentiate between the technical and the fundamental analysis of the course.

Similarly, technical analysis can be performed with the help of various charts depicting the trend. These are candle stick charts, volume charts and other indicators. With the knowledge of this course you could easily compare different order types and send them too. Moreover, to be a professional trader one must learn the important aspects such as noise cancelling. The course will be teaching you the work with most amazing FOREX Trading platform which is Metatrader 4.
In addition to this, Course will tell you the strategies to manage the risk and how to minimise the overall risk. Also, with this you will be able to manage the money matters too.

The course is by Mohsen Hassan. He holds the position as CEO of the Montreal Trading Group. They indulge 20 traders for the full time. Also, they have capital of millions dollars.

Moreover, this course comes up with a well knowledgeable and experienced instructor. His self experience will help you dealing with instant tips and tricks. Also, you will gain knowledge through the variety of examples they provide. Similarly, they also offer worksheets which will be useful for practical implications of course. The course comes handy with practical use. One could easily take the spontaneous benefit out of the course by practicing it.

CONTENT OF THE COURSE (The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course)

1. Introduction
2. The History Of Money
3. The Forex Market & Quotation
4. FOREX Terminology
5. Brokers
6. Various Ways Of Analysis
7. Charts and Trends
8. Chart Patterns
9. Technical Analysis/Indicators
10. Fundamental Analysis
11. Platforms
12. Risk Management
13. Money Management
14. Trade Analysis
15. Live Trading
16. Trading Psychology
17. Conclusion
18. Bonus Lecture


No prior knowledge is needed for the course as this is for Beginners. You will be needing willingness and risk exposure. You must have your person computer with Internet connectivity to access the course. It must be equipped with relevant OS. Basic English and computer skills will be preferable for the course.

DESCRIPTION (The Complete Foundation FOREX Trading Course)

This course is best suited for the beginners who are willing to start and are reluctant for the risk. This course will help you to keep the risk to the minimal level. Day trade and swing trade are also well explained under the course. Moreover, if you are the mediate level but still not getting the profit. It will help you with its curriculum. The course is settled in the best possible way of series for the interlinking of topics.

Further, Course also includes live trading platforms in which you will be able to manage real life trends. It will help you to gain profit by consistent performance. Also, there are many tricks and techniques included which are self experienced for a fast success. By learning with the history of trade and implementing it by METATRADER 4. You can even analyse the currency through the economic calendar. Moreover, all charts and patterns like candlesticks, volume charts etc. Will able to manage easily.
Also, psychological trading will also take place while you keep a trading history record on Excel sheets. This will help you with risk and money management.


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°This is for educational purpose only.

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