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Download Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346)

Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346)


Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346) is a complete guideline course for the administration. This course will help you to get started with the knowledge provided. Also, it will help you to clarify all your basics. With this detailed knowledge you will be able to prepare the exam of 70-346. With these preparations you can create office services of 365. Office administration of 365 has various components. This course will teach you about the Identities of office 365. Moreover, you can meet the requirements of the course.

Also, this course is specifically designed to embellish you with the knowledge of office administration. This is a course which is practical. Likewise, it is applicable for our daily life but also in many business. This could be used to manage many operations from small, medium to even large enterprises.

CONTENT OF THE COURSE (Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346))

1. Microsoft Exam 70-346
2. Provision Office 365
3. Plan and Implement Networking and Security in Office 365
4. Manage Cloud Identities
5. Implement And Manage Identities By Using DirSync
6. Implement And Manage Federated Identities – Single Sign-On
7. Monitor and Troubleshoot Office 365 Availability and Usage


No prior knowledge is required. This is a beginner’s course and will start from scratch. Little information to Admin center, Microsoft exchange, azure, sharepoint, Skype, office 365 will help to understand the course even better. You must have your personal computer with Internet connectivity to access the course. It must be equipped with relevant OS. Basic English and computer skills will be preferable for the course.

DESCRIPTION (Office 365 Administration (Exam 70-346))

This is a course for the ones who are willing to learn the use of Office 365 services. Also, with this course you will be confident to appear in the certified exam. This course will provide the knowledge to IT executes about the planning, management, execution and implementation of these services. Further, Office 365 is a vast field. With the course you will be completely prepared for the exam. You will have the knowledge of every aspect and requirements.

Likewise, the course will be offering the information for Provision Office 365. With this you can even add custom domains and configure them. Also, you will be able to implement security as well as networking in Office services. You will be able to maintain the connections with the clients. Also, you can manage the Identities with the cloud. Even the configuration of passwords will be easier. Security among the users will be much safe. Similarly, you can manage Identities. You can plan your requirements and then be able to manage them. Analysis and management of health reports will be successful.
This course provides you variety of topics interlinked with each other. This will provide you with best and effective training experience. This is a course from IT executes having expertise in the field. You will feel a training like experience and will be able to implement it for future use.


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