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Download Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-533) – 9 Course Bundle

Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-533) – 9 Course Bundle


Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-533) – 9 Course Bundle you will learn about cloud computing model. Further, you will get to know about the services cloud computing use. Further, the course will proceed towards the basics of cloud computing. Also, in next stages elaborated explanation of advanced topics will be provided. Moreover, with the knowledge of course you will get clear idea about virtual networks and machines.

Further, the course will be offering about the Blueprint and structure of Storage. With the detail knowledge of storage, you will be able to develop in ARM. Also, with the knowledge of basic and advanced tools used in the storage and cloud computing the tasks become easier. Moreover, you will be dealing with the topics such as PaaS cloud service. This is much needed in job and professional field. You will master over it with ease. In addition to this, you will get an opportunity to tackle Azure SQL.

CONTENT OF THE COURSE (Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-533) – 9 Course Bundle)

1. Introduction to Azure
2. Deploying Virtual Machines
3. Active Directory
4. Deploying Web Sites
5. Azure – SQL
6. Azure Storage
7. Azure Containers
8. Networking
9. Automation and Log Analytics


No prior knowledge is required. This is a beginner’s course and will start from scratch. This course will be beneficial for persons related to IT Field. You must have your personal computer with Internet connectivity to access the course. It must be equipped with relevant OS. Basic English and computer skills will be preferable for the course. Little information on cloud computing and storage will be an extra advantage.

DESCRIPTION (Microsoft Azure Solutions (Exam 70-533) – 9 Course Bundle)

Anyone who is interested to learn about Microsoft Azure, this is the perfect course for them. This course will step by step proceed to all the components of Azure. Cloud computing, Cloud services, Azure services, powershell are some of the important topics which are included in the course. Further, the topic of virtual machines are linked with the creation of many storage devices and working with virtual networks. This will make VNETs, UPNs, VPNs and LaaS cloud services much interesting. Also, in the use of Azure active directories will providing you the knowledge for various types and tools present in it. Such as managing groups and users, custom domain etc.

Later, it will move further with hybrid directories, installing, management and synchronisation also. These all will also help you to create websites, upgrade them and make use of virtual machines. Moreover, you can even gain knowledge for many other topics such as storage and containers. Similarly, you will master over the greatest command and skill of Azure SQL. This will automatically lead to the automation of your tasks and do the analysis logically. The course has wide range of topics which will gradually complete all the aspects. Finally, with the end of the course you will even be able to create workspace and use Azure Centre for Security.


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